Woodchuck Hunting PA - 2022

Woodchuck Hunting PA - 2022

Jul 29th 2022

The 2022 woodchuck season started off with a bang. Northeast Pennsylvania had a later than usual snow melt off which lead to a slightly later pup weening period. Hunters that typically wait until after the first cutting of hay were a little disappointed by the limited number of shooting opportunities. However, by the second full week of June, the pups were out and their numbers were PLENTY.

GTA did quite well hunting solo with 22 kills by the second hay cutting which started on our farms on June 29th. Our hunting clients from Minnesota, who hunt with us every year, arrived June 30th and were quickly set off to work.

While the lighting isn't the greatest in the photo above, Mrs. Lingerfelt commissioned a new 6mm BR rifle. The intention of the build was to be a dual purpose varmint and F-Class Open rifle. She matched the Borden BRMXD action to a McMillan Kestros stock and two barrels. The first, is chambered in 6mm BR 8 Twist with both 58 grain bullets and 105 Hybrids tuned for it. The second, is a Brux 7mm 8.5 twist for F-Open Long Range utilization. Yes, for those noticing, where is the butt pad? We finished it the following morning once we got her length of pull correct.

The purple "Barny" rifle did quite well, quickly finding zero and hammer chucks out to 400 yards with the 58 grain Hornady V-Max. Turns out, Mrs. Lingerfelt is one hell of a shot, much to Mr. Lingerfelt's humorous chagrin. There was some healthy banter back and forth as they both continued to pick out chucks under 500 yards easily.

Mr. Lingerfelt has been a long time client of GT Accuracy and is currently on his 4th rifle build. Rifles build or accurized in the past include the entire dasher family. He has a 20 Dasher, 22 Dasher, 6mm Dasher, and 7mm Win. For 2023, we are working on a screaming 300 WSM Varminter for him which will feature a 32" barrel with 16 twist for the 110 and 125 grain bullets. 

2022 was a slower year for the Lingerfelts compared to prior years. This is mostly due to chuck numbers starting to dwindle slightly on the main fields we like to take them to. With a kill total of 16, we had to leave the rest for seed. Luckily, 2023 is looking to be an easy year for this 300 acre plot as we secured over 1,000 additional acres in the county for private varmint hunting. Don't get to comfy woodchucks, 2024, we will be back with a vengeance.