GTA Trigger Guards - 1 Hole

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Our GTA single hole trigger guard is the guard of choice for glue in rifles where you need access to the trigger screws on the bottom of the action. Thes also work well for shooters who don't want to use a wood screw in the front action screw area.


Installation instructions:

Find the center of your rear action screw hole. Plunge down using a 5/8 flat end mill to .205" deep.  Once that has been cut, move over 2.774" and make another plunge cut to .205" deep. Once both ends are cut cleanly, move your table and connect the two plunge cuts.  The reason for the plunge cut is so that the radius of the ends of the inlet for the guard doesn't round up or roll over. If clear coating the stock, feel free to take .005 additional material on all sides for over spray.

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