GTA 3D Receiver Inletting Print


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Made to Order 3-5 Days shipping

These 3D printed recievers are perfect for testeing youir inletting clearances. They come with a right port, lug, and bolt notch. Left ports are available with special request. 

As a gunsmith, shop rash on beautiful receivers is an issue. These 3D printed receivers are built to a 1:1 scale and are will give you piece of mind as you fit your stocks.

Current Lead Times - 6/7/23

We have caught up on printing with the exception of the BAT M & B 1.470".  M5 Bottom metal, Panda, and Golden Bears are shipping. Borden BRMXD and BAT SV, B 1.350 and 1.550 with left port are in stock and on the shelf. 


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